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Congratulations to all those who competed on Sunday. Our provisional results are now out.

Here is an Excel sheet will all the results.

We wish you a speedy recovery from sunday's exertions, any querier or questions are best directed at the webmaster (pc494 at in the short term (also good quality photos).

Photo Credit: Mark Coley

For resident Hare and Hounds entry for the Selywn relays is now open!

Super Sunday is coming...

New to CUH&H?

Looking for a new challenge this lent term?

Then get involved with CUH&H today! Feel free to contact the Club Captain Lewis Lloyd, Ladies' Captain Katy Hedgethorne or the Honorary Secretary Paddy Roddy who will be able to answer any questions you have about the club. Their contact details are here. Or just take a leisurely wander round the site and see what you find.