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September Training Camp - Wales -


If you're joining Cambridge in October and have any questions about CUHH contact captains Lewis Lloyd (lal38 'at' or Katy Hedgethorne (kh521 'at' - we'd love to hear from you!

To find out more about CUHH check out the welcome page! If you want to know more about this years training camp try this page.

We hold a training camp each year before term starts. This provides a great opportunity for members to get some winter fitness back and a chance for new members to meet the club. If you want to get involved with CUHH before term's even started feel free contact secretary Paddy Roddy (pjr49 'at'

Before then we at CUHH wish you all the best of luck with your summer endeavours!

New to CUH&H?

Are you a Fresher joining Cambridge in 2014, or a matriculated runner looking to move to bigger things (or even just starting out with the beautiful sport)?

Then get involved with CUH&H today! Feel free to contact the Club Captain Lewis Lloyd, Ladies' Captain Katy Hedgethorne or the Honorary Secretary Paddy Roddy who will be able to answer any questions you have about the club. Their contact details are here. Or just take a leisurely wander round the site and see what you find.